With the continuing advancement of technology, everyone is able to take better and better quality photos nowadays. And with a few simple tips, just about anyone can become a skilled photographer using their photos. All you need is to learn the basics: composition, technique and editing.

1. Use Weather to Enhance Your Photos
Weather can play a distinct part in creating a story. An overcast day with lightning can add drama and suspense. While a bright and sunny day can add a happy feel to your photos.

2. Use People + Scenery
Don’t make the mistake of just taking pictures of buildings or scenery. Many of the best pictures are the ones that have people in them. Don’t just take a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Take a photo of someone in front of the Eiffel Tower! And it doesn’t have to be a staged photo. Many great photos are of regular people just going about their business. Like a lady walking by with her dog. Or a gentleman riding an old bicycle in the rain. Don’t be in such a rush to take photos of the big sights and forget to take time and capture moments with real people.

3. Be Sure to Capture Less Than Perfect Moments
Don’t be the kind of person who gets upset that it is raining and that your photos of that beautiful castle will now be ruined. Be the kind of person who is excited to try and capture the reflection of that castle in a puddle after the rain. Use your camera to tell a story about the weather and try and get another perspective about this famous building that you wouldn’t have if it had been bright and sunny.

4. Be Sure to Capture Emotion.
Remember: the smiles of the local people tell everything about the place. And don’t forget how romantic it can be to capture two lovers kissing in the rain.

5. Timing is Everything
A good photo is all about good timing. Remember, taking a photo of a fisherman on his boat will come across very differently in sunset than in the early afternoon. Also sunrise can create a lovely hazy atmosphere so be sure to take photos early in the day.

6. Photograph Your Journey
This is an important one. Remember, a journey itself is a collection of little moments. And every image captured along the journey is a small (but important) part of that story. Take a photo when you arrive in a city. Take a photo when you leave. Take a photo from the taxi or train. Don’t put it off.

7. Create a Theme
It’s good to come out with a theme when on the road. Adventure, romance, etc. Then take photos that will emphasize that theme.

8. Tell Your Own Story
Make sure to add your personal voice and story in your photos. Make sure a few photos are of you and not just other people! Make sure that the pictures you take reflect your own unique perspective. That way anyone who sees your photos will be able to see your personal story.

9. Learn a few Camera Techniques
I explain many techniques in other articles. But simply understanding ISO, aperture, and shutter speed will be incredibly helpful in creating the story you want.

10. Lens view / Zoom lens / Distance
– Create a series of lens views to create a story .
– Start with wide angle view to tell the whole place of the story.
– Get closer with medium zoom lens to show what is important.
– Get closer to the main subject of the story with long-focus lens or move closer.

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