[From Master Travel Photography in 7 Day Series]

Photos speak a thousand words but in reality the best photo is the most still and quiet one. Most professionals spend countless hours just to capture the so called perfect moment. One lightning photographer mentioned that he used to wait for hours soaked in the rain and dangerously exposed to the elements just to capture the perfect still moment of the most artistic photo of a lightning strike. However you really don’t have to kill that much time to capture the most captivating photo of your life. Think about creative visualization and use it as your inexpensive tool. The requirements are very simple, learn to observe, practice meditation and have simple dedication.

When you employ the Creative Visualization technique on taking your photos you can literally enjoy the benefit of natural visual storytelling after all photos are really only as picturesque as your audience’s imagination or interpretation. Good travel photography ensures that you can deliver your artistic intentions. When you use the Creative Visualization technique, just focus on your audience or learn to share their experiences so that you can measure how much you should talk about via photos of course when it comes to the storytelling. There are wide, medium, and long shots that you can choose from and each one of these answers different questions and that is what you need to figure out through the Creative Visualization technique.

In order to create a really good travel photo don’t just focus on the mundane physical preparations like travel planning and other stuff. Of course you need to get good cameras but it really doesn’t matter at all. What you should really focus about is the Creative Visualization and Visual Storytelling. Developed these techniques and you can get the best still shots and deliver highly effective storytelling to your audience.

While on the field, learn to utilize the Creative Visualization technique in the fullest way possible. Remember that it involves meditation on site which is really to clear your head from many distractions. Use the lessons you learned from photography courses like proper framing. Use your keen observation and play with various patterns, lines, colors or contrasts. Change the background or the foreground and you can even get close or move far from the subject before shooting. Practice the correct timing and the creative point of view.

Above all else, do what you love the most. Practice always makes perfect and this applies so well on travel photography. It’s really the passion that counts not the fancy features of your hi-tech camera. Remember that you may have the best camera but the highly creative photographer who holds a mediocre camera can still beat you on those perfect travel photo shots. When you exercise the Creative Visualization and Visual Storytelling, have a look at a beautiful travel photo that you like. When you have ample free time, just go to your favorite quiet place and meditate. Do the Creative Visualization by imagining your next destination and only think about the best story that you want to share with your audience.

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