What is Slow Travel and Living Manifesto

We live fast-paced lives where most of the times we miss plenty of good stuff just around us. In contrast, Slow Travel and Living is born, a stress-free lifestyle movement that started with Slow Food in Italy in 1986 that aims to have a deeper connection with the environment, people, food, and life. Slow Travel and Living is also known as downshifting or the choice of choosing simplicity in one’s life.

Who is it for ?

Slow Travel and Living is a lifestyle designed for the digital nomad. If you happen to live in this century with all blazing gizmos and electronic wizardry and stuff, then consider yourself as a digital nomad.

This movement is all about being spontaneous, no plans, no to-do lists, just the pure joy of enjoying life. Nature is life and with today’s technology, it becomes easier to see more places in one’s lifetime.

It is also the lifestyle of choice for those who prefer the less bling-bling life or the need for exorbitant stuff. Living the simple life is an attainment since it’s quite hard to practice if you’re doing it by choice.

If you find yourself constantly vying for good things to happen in your life then you may have just found yourself in a rat race hell hole. Moreover, this lifestyle is for the people who are tired of fighting for what they deserve in life.

Having to enjoy this fundamental freedom is also at the core of Slow Travel and Living lifestyle. Think about Slow Travel and Living as the option to slowly tune your rhythm to the real world and not the one based on your expectations.

What are the benefits of this lifestyle ?

There are many benefits to Slow Travel and Living. Think about growing internally which you may also call as personal growth management. We all attain to live lives enjoying abundance, balanced life, happiness and of course giving back to the community or having genuine generosity. This lifestyle also enhances one’s mindfulness and mood, being calm at all times even if the situation calls otherwise. Nonetheless, you can simply become yourself with a deeper connection with people and places.

Slow Travel and Living also helps shape one’s social consciousness. It offers chances for learning other rich cultures, languages and so much more that could only be possible through travel. It also broadens one’s experiences with countless unforgettable memories. You can see more and most importantly experience more. This kind of living naturally increases awareness or the practice of living in the now. Other than that, Slow Travel and Living makes you save money after all the above advantages, ain’t it cool? Enjoy life for free.

When it comes to Slow Travel and Living, you also get to support the locals, remember simple life and generosity, they are all interconnected. Other than supporting the locals, you do get to be a steward of the environment hence you automatically participate in environmental sustainability campaigns. Part of the core principle of the movement is minimalism, hence you can practically do less and achieve more with simplicity and less clutter. When you hasten all the time you risk being caught up in a stressful life, go slow and you’ll immediately feel the difference of less stress and regular routines. Nonetheless, with this relaxed lifestyle, you get to live more enriching and fulfilling life.

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