Then, How to embrace Slow Travel & Living Lifestyle ?

Seems like everything above is interesting, right? Sure they are, so how do you exactly get to experience them? Read through the list below and see for yourself:

Do you know that you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy the country with just your bike, or you can simply hop on the next train, bus, or anything that goes to the destination of your choice?

When you travel even for long vacation, try to go simple and do it with less clutter, i.e. no unnecessary stuff so that you can relax and enjoy your vacation.

There are plenty of places that you can volunteer your free services, generosity pays off in the long run, just don’t expect anything in return but the utter fulfillment of being able to help the needy.

Don’t overkill your needs, utilize the local market by shopping on less shiny stores and dining with the local chef’s restaurant, local food tastes a lot better even if they look strange.

For a quick overnight stay, try homestay or a small apartment, you don’t only save money but you get to really rest well, no annoying TV shows that’ll steal your attention instead of using the time to sleep.

Don’t listen to travel tours or books, they simply cloud your judgment instead try to experience it for real.

When you travel, don’t always follow your plans, just let everything unfold and just be spontaneous, no to-do thingy.

Immerse yourself in the local culture, language and cuisine.

Spend some quality time with nature, go trekking, hiking or just enjoy walking in the midst of the wilderness or on the side of the beach.

When there’re a local festival things quickly escalate to parties plus you get to meet people, so join local festivals.

Don’t sulk in your corner, just be open and mingle with the locals.

You work and work, how about you travel and travel some more, do less and enjoy life, you only have one.

Simplicity comes with difficulties specially when material needs pull you closer back to where you started, just think about life as a journey and traveling is the closest way to living your life to the fullest.

It’s not just always about travel, there are people and nature too.

Having fun with your families or even alone with yourself is always better when you get the fulfillment of really enjoying it so avoid clutter and focus more on your destination, go out and kiss the earth of your travel destination.

So if you want to experience inner growth, abundance, happiness, and a balanced life, join the movement now. Life is too short to only think about yourself, be more generous and you’ll be surprised how you receive more when you give more. Don’t be disdained by negativity, traveling is not a cult and even the people in the bible travels a lot more than today’s generation of sedentary people. Enjoy your nomadic lifestyle to the fullest with Slow Travel and Living movement.

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