Do you enjoy the freedom of slow travel and living lifestyle? In short, do you love to travel? Me too and if you’re serious about getting more travel and adventure in your life then you’ll love to follow us for many tips on how to be where you want to be.

For some, travel’s a dream that comes true once a year for the annual vacation. Often people yearn of a greater travel adventure like a year around the world for free (me) or selling everything and bumming off to New Zealand for retirement.

There are many tips on how to fund your trip; eg. get some work or do some business and save some money, sponsored by several companies (me-thanks to ExxonMobil, Shell, JTI and Lonely Planet), working abroad (tour guide, brand ambassador, writing and working abroad as a chef, teacher, web designer, busking etc), volunteering, travel hacking, property investment or by getting some fund from your heritage.

But in this article, we will be more specific : How Your Passion in Travel Photography Could Sponsor Your Trip? Here’re what I did :

. Winning travel photo contest

In 2005, I won a year travel around the world trip sponsored by Lonely Planet. That’s the last photo contest I entered. If my mind doesn’t fail me, I traveled to more than 10 countries in a single trip. I can’t do more since I was attached to a company. Among the most memorable trip are Paris, Morocco, Spain, Peru and Cuba.


. Destination Wedding / Portraits

I used to combine my passion for photography and travel as a destination wedding photographer. I made a few trips to many places but I have a lack of freedom for doing so. If you enjoy editing and meeting customer’s expectation, here’s your best bet to travel with travel photography while making a lot of money.

. Book & Prints

Here’s my current project. Throughout my life when I travel often, I find that I love writing, storytelling, travel photography and travel. So why not focusing on making a few books and fine art prints.


What Others Do

. Video Stock (better than photo microstock)

It’s a video thing but you can make a montage of your travel photos. A regular traveler can make footages or travel films (video) and then upload them to video stock and video hosting website respectively.

. Coaching

I see a lot of people organizing a photo tour throughout the world but the number is shrinking nowadays as more advanced technologies let you capture and share  a beautiful photo with a few clicks. Good Luck.

. Exhibition Artist

To be an exhibition artist, you need to be persistent in creating more artworks and share them with the world either through social medias, artist meet-up, galleries, and connection. It needs a lot of works to be recognized. But why don’t you set up a cafe gallery and showcase your work?


What’s yours ? Please share your tips.

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