Travel should not be only defined as moving physically from one place to another but also spiritually, mentally and emotionally. One of the greatest things about travel and life is finding just how good and kind people and things really are. Life is too short and simple to even waste a second. Live your life and your passion. There are always wonderful things to discover wherever you go.

People travel for many reasons and some of them travel for peace of mind. That’s why New Zealand’s Southern Island, just another heaven on earth is one of  our slow travel and living favorite destination. Join Slow and Adventurous Travel in New Zealand’s Southern Island for the following reasons.


All roads lead to beauty in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s South Island is renowned for its picturesque mountains, blue lakes, ski fields and hiking trails. Divided by the Southern Alps mountain range, it’s home to Aoraki Mt. Cook and several national parks, showcases the purest natural landscapes, from rugged coastlines to lush plains.

1.    Wonderful experiences
Everyone can simply explore New Zealand. Exploring this beautiful place add your wonderful memories of a lifetime which you can share with friends. We traveled slowly by driving from North to South and stay at the homestay. Along the journey, we meet new people and new experiences. I’ve been to the Northern Island but I suggest all travelers to explore Southern Island for stunning journeys and unforgettable memories.

2.    Challenging Test
I once drove on the icy and steep slopes road heading to Milford Sounds after the rain. The road is in dreadful condition and requires strong nerves to negotiate it. To some travelers, being on the road like this test our patience, strength and will power. You can also test your time management, organizations and planning skills while being on the road. Any test is good for growing yourself up.


3.    Adventure Activities
You could go bungy jumping, skydiving, paragliding, helicopter flying, jet boating and white water rafting on the same day if you wanted to but we prefer easy trek and biking in Southern New Zealand. You’ll get so fit from all the trekking and hiking you do that your friends will be amazed at the leaner, fitter new you when you return home. You can also cycle mountain passes and winding roads if you’ve got the legs for it.

4.    Peace of mind
It’s quiet in the Southern Island. You’ll go to sleep to the sounds of nothing while being here other than the sound of wind. You can find many homey stays. They even grow herb for you to use in cooking. There are no poisonous snakes or spiders to worry about.

5.    Friendly People
Southern Island is larger than Northern Island but has less population. 30% of national populations in the Southern Island people are more cool, friendly and fun. They are renowned for being a friendly and inviting bunch. You’ll make a whole bunch of new friends because everyone has time to stop and talk. A school kid offered help about direction while I was in Christchurch. Adults are genuinely friendly and helpful while I was on the bus to Bank Peninsular and while trekking in Akaroa. Many local youngsters make a friendly sounding car horn along the road.

6.    The Scenery
If you are a fan of Lord od the Ring movie, you will find that New Zealand has other-worldliness rough and many beautiful sceneries. It depends on your choices, but we choose the easy but beautiful routes while being here. We tried Lindis Pass, Te Anau to Milford Sounds, Lake Tekapo to Mount Cook National Park and Arthurs’ Pass. All of them offer one of the best journeys for stunning mountain ranges, beautiful lakes, farm and villages.


The weather seems to change so frequently in this part of the world , you’re lucky to see this view.

7.     Explore, Learn, and Share
We do not simply travel but learn all the way while on the journey. The best thing is we continue learning to improve our weaknesses and focus on our strengths. Other than adventure activities, I prefer Southern Island for a place to capture beautiful images and writing what come across my mind. Here is the place to improve your photography skills because the photo opportunities are endless. Overall, it’s a great place for the photographer, filmmaker, writer and many creative people.

Our LIFE’s journey is to pursue happiness and calling. Realizing our goals brings forth TRUE HAPPINESS. Sometimes, it takes us forever to understand life, to improve ourselves and to do something good with it. Some of us fall in love with places we’ve never been and people we’ve never met. Hope that every  journey you take brings power, love and happiness into your life. Next time you see New Zealand on TV, instead of saying “WOW that looks cool”, you can say, “I’ve been there. It’s cool. And I’m going back some time.”

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